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A Rainy Evening

Rainy evenings are always very nostalgic and beautiful if you are amidst the comfort of your home. But I am sure it can be exciting and fun when you have a lovely company of a good friend sharing your umbrella and walking on a flooded street. Maybe you have a work or heading towards a shelter or maybe you are just out for some fun to aimlessly walk the streets and chat your heart out. Maybe you both are looking out for a nearby tea stall to have a sip of slurpy, hot, and sweet tea with some spicy hot pakodas (fritters). Whatever it is, a good friend can make the most difficult of the situations into fun times. And lucky are those souls who find such friends.

This painting, however, was not made based on all those memories that I wrote above. Rather, it was the beautiful composition of yellows and blues in the picture that attracted me to paint this one. It was a challenging subject. But I enjoyed it thoroughly. I loved playing with different shades of blues, indigos, and purples along with the contrasting bright yellows. The story I told above was my imagination after I completed the painting :D.

Hope you liked both the painting and the story or maybe neither or may be either one of them. Whatever you liked, let me know and share your thoughts in the comments as well. It would be great to hear if you have similar stories. Do share them and enjoy the rains!

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