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A Wish to Travel

Travelling has been my on and off hobby. I can’t really say I love travelling always. But yes I must admit, I love taking a break sometimes from the monotony of life and want to see something new.

I love travelling to both sea side or hills. Both have equal calling for me. However, I like places with beautiful natural scenery. So it can be a small picnic spot somewhere in the outskirts of the city also. Even a long drive to an unknown road will do. I like to see some different birds and hear new birds sounds and see some new flowers. I don’t like to get too adventurous in my travels as overall I am not a very adventurous person. I love moderation and like to stick to it.

I just want my painting kit, a good phone camera ( the easy and handy option the better), a few books, some good food, hot sweet ginger tea or south Indian coffee in cold weather and fruit juices in warm weather. That’s all I need. And if the trip has my sister with me... then it is just awesome.

Nowadays I don’t get to travel much so painting is one way of travelling in my imagination. However, whenever I paint a scenery, my mind travels to that place. So it is a nice way to escape.

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