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Blooming Bright

Flowers, garden, nature...... these connect me to my soul. Even a little time spent amidst nature can relax me to a large extent. And that is why I always yearn to have my own garden. It is like owning a piece of heaven. The green leaves, the buds and blooms, and if I am lucky a beautiful bee or colourful butterfly can be my occasional guest. Gardens are hope that tomorrow exists and it will be beautiful. With this wish I am slowly building my own little garden. There are only seven plants now, three flowering plants, two herbs, one bamboo and one succulent. Hopefully they all are growing.

These flowers in the painting are not from my garden. I found this picture in Instagram and loved the brightness. So I painted them in loose watercolour style in my art journal. The background is created in wet on wet technique and some colour lifting to create the form of leaves and stem. The flowers were mostly kept white and done by colouring the negative space to highlight the brightness of the subject with mostly the paper white. The centre of the flowers were mostly coloured with dry brush technique layered over light pigment.

I am very happy to get back to my art journal. It improves my skill and creativity and I want to make it a daily habit. It will definitely change me as a person and add the much needed confidence required for achieving few major goals of my life.

For now I am happy with the garden and the peace I derive from my art journaling.

Hope this was a good read. Enjoy and keep your creativity going.

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