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Cashew Apples

Cashew apples are something that I never tasted so far. But the fun fact is the famous fermented drink of Goa, Feni, is made of cashew apples. I did not taste that either, despite of my four wonderful and fun filled trips to Goa. Well, I painted this one because I liked the expression of the cashew. Yes, see the painting. One of it looks like a face, a funny sad face.

I enjoyed painting the colours on the cashew apples. Yellow, red, green, brown, all these blending in each other. It is a pleasure to watch one colour blend into another in watercolour, when applied wet on wet. Sometimes they bleed in a very unpredictable manner, but they also form something much more interesting. That’s what I call the magic of watercolour.

I was not sure if I should have a background or paint on a white background. But I enjoy having a background. I feel a blurred background in watercolour paintings create a mystery for the audience. It kind of holds a story and makes you think or imagine what can be in the background. That imagination allows the viewers seep in the experience to look at the painting. However, this is purely my thought. There are many who create wonderful pieces of art with a white background.

Hope you like the cashew apples and taste both the cashew apples and feni when you visit Goa. But for now, that’s all I have 😃.

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