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Colours of the night sky

Originally posted on September 9, 2020

"I often think the night sky is more richly coloured than the day" said Van Gogh. I can’t agree more. I often look at the night sky with awe. It has a kind of mystery about it. The dark blue sky dotted with stars, the clear milky navy blue sky brightly lit up by moonlight and the night sky with cotton like scattered clouds with the moon playing hide and seek amidst them creating rainbow colours on them, all these sceneries have colours of their own, just like different stage decors of the same stage in a theatre. I find the night sky no less dramatic than a live theatre. The only difference is the former is much more quiet and much more intimate in nature.

I am a selenophile. I get it from my mother. Moonlit nights are my favourite. My mother and me would walk around our terrace on moonlit nights to chat on various topics. Sometimes we would admire the moon. Moonlit nights are not to be wasted by sleeping. I love to go to sleep while looking at the moon on such bright nights.

I very vividly remember as a child when we would travel in train to kolkata from Hyderabad during my summer vacation, I would stay up all night by the berth window peering into the landscape outside on moonlit summer nights instead of sleeping. The world looked like it was wrapped up in molten silver light of the moon and it looked fascinating. I would keep wondering looking at that those little dark grey hamlets at a distance, beyond the vast paddy fields looking blueish grey in moon light and think who are those people sleeping in their homes amidst the quietness of the night. I wondered, is there anyone like me who is out in this hour admiring this beautiful gift of nature. However, at that time I was too young to articulate these feelings into words. All I did was peered out of the window to seep in as much as I could. I always wanted to paint these scenes I saw. But again I was not well equipped to do so then.

But what you desire, the universe conspires to get it for you said Paulo Coehlo. So after so many years I came across this picture of the moon and decided to paint it and relive those memories of beautiful moon lit nights.

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