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Free Spirit

2020 was a tough year. That year changed the way we looked at things. Suddenly many of us realised the fragility of life and wanted to enjoy life the fullest. While, many struggled to make a living due to the crumbling economic conditions. Whatever the situation was or is, it pushed us to change the way we look at life.

I made this painting as my art journaling page where I wanted to share my feelings during the pandemic. We cannot control the circumstances in life, but we can always make our own choices. That’s what the quote emphasises “to be steady in the soul and free in the spirit”.

I made my choices from what I learned. I started appreciating small and simple happiness in life. I spend time with my loved ones. I try to give myself some good time by sipping a good cup of tea, reading a good book or crocheting. I also added solving a 1000 piece puzzle to the list of my “me time”.

The pandemic taught me two things. One, life is short so do what you want to do. Love wholeheartedly, invest time on relationships, passions and yourself. Two, our needs are limited. We need good food, decent clothes, a cozy house and loved ones to live this life. Therefore living a simple life is possible. A life where you spend on things that really add value to your life and not momentary happiness and on valuable experiences. This allowed me to spend the most important thing in life “time” in my own way. My time is mine and I decide how I spend it.

The pandemic had shattering experiences for many. All the painful stories around only make me realise that I need to keep myself steady in these situations. The constant fear of being attacked by the virus and the anxiety of how our lives will be affected haunted me every time. And yet in such times, I made the choice to free myself from the shackles of fear and anxiety. I placed myself into a peaceful world of painting, crocheting, books and tea. I spend time with my loved ones. It helps me to soothe my soul and keep it steady and frees my spirit from fears and anxiety.

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