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I am very fond of flowers. Their colours, shapes and sizes always attract me. Be it just a grass flower, weed flowers or wild or exotic flowers, all of them have their own identity. However, my most favourite of the flowers are lotus and Chrysanthemums. That’s why, lotus is part of many of my paintings or sketches and will continue to be.

This white lotus and the shadow of its stem under the leaf glowing in sunlight looked divine. I added the text “ Om mane padhmeham” which is a Sanskrit mantra and used very often in Buddhist chants and meditation.

The mantra means, the jewel is in the Lotus. I interpret it as the pure mind is the source of immense wisdom as lotus also symbolises wisdom. Whatever might be the meaning of the mantra, I believe that nature is the biggest source of learning. Every smallest element of nature teaches impermanence. Everything that has taken birth has to die. So the time we live is the time to follow the true path with a pure mind.

Well all these sounds very heavy a content and I am not a spiritual guru. All I wanted to say is that, while painting this I felt good and also felt connected to the purity of nature.

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