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Random Expressions

It is always fun to experiment. I may not may not be successful. But it is worth the try. At least I learn what not to do or sometime it is a discovery of new ways of doing things. ‘Indigo play’ was an experiment with monochrome to create a bunch of simple white flowers. I first wanted to go very realistic on this journal page. But then I decided to go free flow. I definitely enjoy the free flow style as it relaxes me. The regular style of my painting takes a good volume is thought to plan, imagine and reimagine the required results. This one named as "Indigo Play" was lot of free brush strokes and observing what each one can create.

"Misty morning", this one was done again in monochrome, but I wanted to try something more bold. So I poured the pigment on the wet surface and let the water and pigment do their job. The results of this was more than what I expected. I am glad it turned out well. I love the monochromes of misty mornings in winters. I want to work more on this technique to see what more new things I can achieve.

‘Be Still’, again a play of monochromes. I was experimenting with the oriental styles, especially the Japanese paintings. Van Gogh so rightly quoted “If we study Japanese art, we see a man who is undoubtedly wise, philosophic and intelligent, who spends his time doing what? He studies a single blade of grass.” The simplicity of the look of the painting or sketch clearly shows the dexterity of the artist. This level of sophistication which looks so simple yet elegant can only come after immense practice and understanding of the subject. The Japanese artists have really mastered it well. I would like to work more in this style, especially for my plein air works, because they have to be done fast yet look simple and elegant with less use of colours.

"The true method of knowledge is experimentation", said William Blake and "Attempt the impossible to improve your work", said Bette Davis, with these two thoughts to work on, I close this post. Happy Experimenting!!

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