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Summer Splash

(Originally written in 2020)

Summer splash is my first watercolor painting on imperial size paper. This painting is very dear to me as it is one of my first figurative paintings. My experience while doing the painting - mixed (good, bad, sad, and back to good :)). My learning- Five stars. ⭐️ 🌟 ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ .

This painting was perhaps one of the most challenging subjects to paint so far for me. When I started planning the painting, I started my research as I wanted to do it in a realistic style of watercolour. So I first started studying the photograph closely to understand the colours, layers, textures, and play of light and shadows. Then I listed the type of results I wish to achieve in the painting in my mind. Although, writing it down would have been a better idea for future reference. After this, I started research on the techniques needed to achieve the listed results. Many blogs and YouTube videos came very handily while learning the required techniques.

The sketching part was not very difficult. But to get a smooth glassy dual-color background was my first challenge. I started searching for various techniques on Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, and many others. That’s when I came across artist Elizabeth Tyler. She is a wonderful watercolour realism artist and also she is a solo sailor. Sounds exciting right? Yes, indeed she is. The more I read about her, the more excited I was. She posted her videos and that’s where I learned a few advanced watercolour techniques. I was so motivated to see her sail through the ocean and pursue both her passions for sailing and for art.

There were more challenges to get the water right. I don’t know how much right I could do it. But I used a lot of colour lifting techniques to achieve the results. Other techniques remained mostly conventional ones.

It took me more than four months to finish this painting given my priorities towards my 2-year-old son and my full-time corporate job. This painting went through many ups and downs. Somewhere in between I just wanted to let go of the painting. I was not happy with the results. But again I got back to it to finish it. All I can say was, for this painting I was equally troubled as I enjoyed it. I finally learned that we should continue even if it doesn’t look good or if we are unable to get the required results. It is a learning and we should keep learning process on.

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