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The Pink Monkey

This little pink monkey is a soft toy of the size of my palm. I have a special reason to paint this in my journal. The speciality is that it is almost the first toy of my son Mitsu who was two and a quarter years old when I wrote this blog for the first time.

This toy was bought by my father and sister when they were coming to visit Mitsu the second time. The little one was just two weeks old then. My father is a man of doing only essential things. He hardly spent any time on shopping when he was young or when we were kids. But this time he literally spent time explaining the salesman about what he wanted. He made sure that the soft toy will not lose colour or have loose stitches and is extremely safe for his little grandson. Finally when everything fell in place he bought this one. Of course the colour and cuteness part of the toy was judged by my sister who loves pink.

When my sister gifted this toy to Mitsu who was then a couple of weeks old, he hardly looked at it. We were quite disappointed then thinking he didn’t like the toy. However as months passed by, this tiny soft monkey became one of Mitsu’s favourite toys. When he was about four to six months old and teething, he would suck, chew and bite this toy all day, making it soaking wet and it would dry all night. Of course we had to wash this one frequently. But it never ran colour or got loose stitches.

Now Mitsu plays many things with it. Sometimes it becomes the monkey of “five little monkeys jumping on the bed” and Mitsu will drop it down to show that it bumped it head. Sometimes it becomes Mitsu’s patient when he pretend plays doctor. And sometimes it becomes his baby or friend. I know with time Mitsu will soon grow out of this toy. But let me enjoy it till he is little. 😃

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