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Hi, I am Trivita Roy. I am a watercolour artist and love to experiment with other mediums too. After 15 years of thriving corporate career, I started my journey as a professional artist in 2021. I pursued architecture as I love creative arts, painting and design. I then post graduated in city planning, did my management studies and then worked in a corporate. Now, I stay in a sleepy village in the outskirts of the IT city of India, Bengaluru. As a mother of a pre-schooler and artist at heart, I am thankful to live amidst nature. The lovely landscape around me is my daily dose of inspiration to paint. 

As a child, I loved colours. There was always a box colours and paper in my backpack while travelling or holidays. Over the years, I painted and experimented with various media. Eventually I fell in love with watercolours and started watercolour art journaling in 2015. I started posting my art journaling pages on my blog and on my Facebook and Instagram. In 2020, as we were recovering from the fears of the pandemic, I decided to quit my job and pursue a career in fine arts. It was indeed a bold step and a difficult one to let go of what I have built over the years. But the calling to start something new was very motivating. It was a "now or never" feeling.So, I started painting various subjects and eventually started selling them. I am glad that a few of my paintings are spreading happiness in some homes and offices across the world. My blog page has the thoughts, experiences, emotions, stories and inspirations behind my paintings and art journaling pages.  

Today, I love being a professional artist. It gives me a sense of freedom and pleasure when I hold my brush or pencil and work on my paintings. It is a happy space for me and enriches my life. This website Trivitaarts is another milestone in this journey 

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