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Lotus and KingFisher

Lotus and kingfisher, the name looks extremely direct to the subject of the painting. But there is more to it.

As an artist I mostly choose colourful subjects. Although I have some monochrome landscapes also in my painting list. But colourful pictures make me very happy. So firstly, this is not painted based on a reference photo. It is purely my composition. I referred a few images to get the colours and forms right. That’s all. Secondly is, this one was my attempt to get Watercolor like transparency with acrylic paints which I was partially successful.

Now to elaborate about the composition, Lotus is a symbol of peace and kingfisher as per me is a symbol of life. Both these subjects are connected to water. While lotus is known for its serenity and softness, kingfisher is known for its swiftness and vibrancy. Both are extremely contrasting subjects by their nature. But together they can create a lovely balance in a composition. So on one side this painting depicts peace and life together or it depicts balancing contrasting natures to create beauty. What ever it is as usual I loved the play of colours.

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