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The Colourful Marbles

This was my very first attempt with watercolor realism. The vibrant colours of the marbles enticed me to paint them. In fact, I remember painting each marble slowly one by one.


When I was painting this one, my son was about an year old. I used to paint this mostly when he was sleeping. However, my son saw me work on this a couple of times. From then he wanted to paint on it too. I was working with dry brush technique on the marble and would generally pick very little colour on the brush.

My son followed the same thing that I was doing. However, he was too small to realise that the paint was not wet enough for him to load it on the brush. So he would dip the brush on the watercolor cake and then put it on paper. The dry brush did not have any paint so he would get disappointed. It was fun to watch him do all this.

More than the paintings I remember the emotions and sweet memories of my baby boy. Some paintings are like opening an old perfume bottle. With the fragrance comes many memories related to it.


I took the reference picture from Pinterest. At that time I was totally unaware of the legalities of using images on internet. I was not aware of copyright issues that can affect you even if you're using the photograph as reference.

However, it was a stroke of luck or my all time habit of reading about paintings. That's when I read about copyright issues on using reference images also. This opened a whole new world for me to read on laws and policies related to art.

Thankfully, I did not get any problem for this painting so far. However post this, I always take permission of the photographers to use their photos as reference before I start my work.

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