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Together is Beautiful

There is a story to every painting. Some I remember while many are forgotten. I stopped adding story to my blogs some time back. However, I realised that as I like reading the stories behind the sketch or painting, so would many others like to read the stories behind my sketches and paintings. So I will try to fill in the stories as much as possible.

The story for this sketch is simple yet cute. I noticed these flowers for the first time when I was walking down after a lunch on my third wedding anniversary. This was the first wedding anniversary that my husband and I was celebrating. Because, the first anniversary I was already expecting my baby and I was in the third trimester, restricting most celebrations (like eating out or travelling). The second anniversary I was busy managing our nine month old son.

The third year gave us a window of opportunity. I was a weekday and we both applied for a half a day leave. Our son was in his day care and well taken care off. So we decided to lunch at the place were we met for the first time. The Chinese restaurant is not very far from our house and I sketched it earlier also. Let me add the sketch of the restaurant as well from my earlier post. We had a nice lunch and ordered almost similar things that we ordered on the first time we met.

We are not a very romantic couple who express their affection for each other with gifts or flowers. Our ways of showing affection is more by making life easier for one another as we have a lot to do with a toddler and office work around. However, this lunch was planned by me and we both agreed to it and wanted to make it happen.

While we were walking back after our lunch (we both love walking), I spotted these little yellow-brown flowers on the ground in a by-lane. I saw these flowers for the first time. So I felt they are like a sign and can be kept as a memory for the day. As Frida Kahlo said “I paint flowers so they will not die.”, I painted them as well, so that they live longer reminding me of those lovely moments for much longer time.

Paintings are a nice way to journal your life . I enjoy it.

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